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What's revolutionary about the Airbag jeans?

What's revolutionary about the Airbag jeans?


The Mo'cycle® Airbag jeans represent a groundbreaking innovation in motorcycle safety, addressing a critical gap in protective gear for riders. Traditional motorcycle jeans, while offering some level of protection with knee and hip pads, have long neglected the full spectrum of potential injury areas on the lower body. This new airbag technology changes the game entirely.

Most injuries in a serious motorcycle accident occur to the lower body, 98% survive but with injuries. Today's motorcycle jeans/pants offers pads for the knees and hips, the rest of the lower body is left unprotected from impact hits (!). The Mo'cycle® Airbag jeans covers the lower body all around! It takes impact hits with airbag technology and outperforms any motorcycle jeans on the market! The long-lasting impact problem for the lower body is finally solved thanks to airbag technology.

If the unthinkable accident happens, the airbag will inflate within 100-150 milliseconds, covering the lower body, including previous unprotected areas! Such as the spinal column's first bone, the tailbone, the rear bum, the thighs (front, side, back). An Airbag covering the thighs gives motorcyclists a chance to protect the femoral artery from impact hits! For the first time in history we can reduce the No. 1 reason of fatality when injuries occur to the lower body.  The jeans are also inserted with Knox CE-rated knee protectors. The Mo'cycle® Airbag jeans is a modern fashion-tech product where advanced technology and fashion comes together for personal protection.

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, these airbag jeans are not just a safety apparatus; they are a fusion of high fashion and advanced technology. Handmade in Italy and France, they exemplify the pinnacle of quality, combining style with unparalleled safety features. The use of ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene in their construction sets a new standard in protective gear, offering durability and resilience against impacts.

The innovation doesn't stop at protection. The jeans are designed with removable CE-rated knee protectors, adding an extra layer of safety while providing the convenience of adaptability based on the rider's preference and situation. This feature underscores the commitment to not only safeguard riders but also to offer a personalized and comfortable riding experience.

Airbag protection for the lower body is a revolutionary step in personal safety. Never before in history have motorcyclists been able to impact protect the lower body all around. Injuries will be avoided and the severity of the injuries that occur will be reduced.


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