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What areas are Airbag protected?

NEW areas on the body can now be Airbag protected! 

The Mo’cycle® Airbag jeans covers new areas on the lower body, such as the Tailbone, the Femoral Artery and the Thighs!
It's a game changer for safety as spinal column injuries tend to become permanent and femoral artery injuries are fatal.

Regular motorcycle jeans only offer impact protection for the knees and the hips, the rest of the lower body is left unprotected, here is were the Airbag jeans comes in and solves the log-lasting impact problem.

Airbag protection

✓ Tailbone Airbag (spinal column)
✓ Hip Airbag
✓ Rear bum Airbag
✓ Rear thigh Airbag
✓ Side thigh Airbag
✓ Front thigh Airbag
✓ Mo'cycle® Airbag technology
✓ Mo'cycle® Knee technology
✓ Mo'cycle® Slide technology
✓ Inflation time 100-150 MS
✓ Air volume ~ 17 L

Abrasion protection

The Mo'cycle® Airbag jeans uses CE approved Armalith® denim (the world's strongest denim). The motorcycle denim is reinforced with a core of UHMWPE fibres which first was developed for holding objects together in space, the fibre has found its way into denim and today we can produce motorcycle jeans with the space technology. The styles comes in CE level A, AA and AAA (AAA has the highest safety level).

Mo'cycle® tech.

Mo'cycle® slide-tech. The Jeans and Airbag are not stitched to each other. This allows the Jeans fabric to absorb impact energy by friction, sliding away energy between the Jeans fabric and Airbag at first impact.
Mo'cycle® knee-tech. The knee pads are placed on the Airbag which allows the knee pads to absorb impact energy with the help of the Airbag.

One Airbag - Multiple Jeans

You can swap to different styles and keep the same Airbag, as the Airbag fits all Mo'cycle® Jeans (made to handle the inflation and abrasion). You can also get a black pair, higher CE level or a new wash.

Machine wash the Jeans
you can machine wash the Mo'cycle® Jeans by removing the Airbag. Maybe they even become your favourite pair in your wardrobe? No problem, just remove the airbag when you go out.

You won't feel the airbag structure at all, as it's flat, soft and flexible. So, it will not bother you or impact the riding - just make it safer! All our jeans are abrasion resistant with stretch, comfortable as any jeans and available in different styles, sizes and colors, for men and women. All with a seamless riding experience in mind. This is your opportunity to ride Airbag protected.
Get them for yourself, your family and loved ones.

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