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Z – 60CC – CO2 Cartridge 5-Pack


Purchase additional CO2 cartridges. The magic of the Airbag products lie in our CO2 cartridges.

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You attach the cartridge to your jeans and vest, and when you fall off the bike, a puncture is made at the top, allowing compressed air to rapidly inflate your garment within milliseconds. You can use the jeans and vest multiple times, but remember to replace the cartridge after each airbag deployment.

Mo’cycle® is a Swedish fashion-tech brand on a journey to create the safest motorcycle jeans in the world, Airbag jeans. The brand was first founded in 2005 after a collaboration with Harley-Davidson Sweden and re-launched in 2023.

The development of the Airbag jeans has been funded by EU’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme as well as investors fromTV show Dragon’s Den (the Swedish version of Shark Tank, aired on SVT). The company received funding from three of the five “Dragon” investors in 2021 and in 2023 a fourth Dragon investor joined the venture.

What once began as leather-lined jeans in 2005, became Kevlar-lined jeansand has now turned into Airbag-lined jeans. The journey of protecting the lower body against impact hits has taken 18 yearssince the founder Moses Shahrivar designed his first pair of motorcycle jeans. The third generation motorcycle jeans, the world’s first Airbag jeans, finally solves the long-lasting impact problem for the lower body with Airbag technology.

This was recently recognized by the French government who awarded the Airbag jeans “Best traffic safety innovation award 2023″via “Sécurité Routiére”. 

Are the Airbag Jeans reusable?

Yes, the jeans are reusable and you can easily buy more CO2 patrons from our online store for refillment. We always include 2x patrons with every jeans purchase.

What payment methods do you accept?

You can pay with credit/debit card and Klarna in our online store. We may accept more payment methods at a later point.

Dont just take our word!

The benefit of wearing the Mo'cycle Airbag Jeans; you're shielding your thighs, hips and upper buttocks like no motorcycle armor would be capable of doing!
Motorcycle gear hub
The coverage of the hips, knees and tailbone areas is excellent. (...) I was pleasantly surprised at just how comfortable they felt, the fabric and the fit.
Web Bike world
Mo'cycle jeans are more comfortable, and far more protective "The safest pants ever made" - Ryan, Fortnine

How it works?

You connect a tether from the Jeans to the motorcycle before riding. The Airbag is activated if you are physically removed from the motorcycle (the tether will be pulled and activate the Airbag). It works like a ‘dead-man’s-switch’. Don’t worry, the Airbag won’t deploy if you forget to disconnect the tether when walking off the bike (it needs a force of approximately 40 kg / 88 lbs to activate).

Featured on the world's most popular talk shows

Campaign funding goal exceeded with +1,000%!

We won the Traffic Safety Innovation Award, given out by the French government in Paris!

The Airbag Jeans received a glowing 5/5 star review by one of the industry’s most reputable motorcycle gear reviewers:!

The Airbag Jeans have been featured on some of the world’s most popular talk shows, for example The Drew Barrymore Show!

We’ve gone viral several times on social media, and the Airbag Jeans have received more than 400,000,000 views in total! 

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