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GÉRARD – Airbag Vest

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When the rope is tightened sufficiently, the airbag is triggered within a few milliseconds, just like a car airbag. Please refer to the images for size charts and more information. It comes with two CO2 cartridges. Note: Orders outside the EU/US will not include CO2 cartridges due to shipping costs and regulations. For assistance, please reach out to our local distributor or email info@mocycle.com

Airbag Vest
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GÉRARD – LIMITED EDITION 2024: A game-changer in Motorcycle Gear

Gentlemen, allow me to introduce Gérard, the only Airbag vest in the 2024 airbag vest collection, and they’re ready for immediate delivery. Don’t hesitate – act quickly before they disappear! (Next restock is scheduled for July 2024).

Gérard Airbag Vest Highlights

  • Impact protection: Mo’cycle Airbag (17L air volume, 100 to 150 ms inflation)
  • Abrasion protection: Armalith motorcycle denim CE grade AA
  • Back protector: CE grade AA
  • Water repellent and Wind resistant denim


Discover the pinnacle of comfort and protection with Gérard. The AA-grade black vest offer unrivaled softness, comfort and airbag protection.

Setting a new standard in motorcycle safety!

Advanced Impact Protection – Airbag vest

  • Safeguards the Spinal column, Neck, Thorax, Clavicle and internal organs
  • Instant Automatic Inflation within milliseconds
  • Battery-Free Mechanical Solution
  • CE Grade AA back protector

What's so special?

Airbag Protection

The jeans covers new areas on the lower body, such as the Tailbone, the Femoral Artery and the Thighs

100% rechargable

Unlike other products, you can prepare your jeans for another ride! Wait for the jeans to deflate and replace the cartridge

World strongest denim

Discover the unmatched resilience of Armalith denim in our airbag jeans. Engineered for the road


The Airbag is activated if you are physically removed from the motorcycle, it works like a 'dead-man's-switch'

Machine Washable

Wash the jeans like any other pants; just zip out the airbag and put it in your washing machine as usual


The airbag self-deflate in a couple of minutes, this is a process that enables you re-use the jeans

Our gear is crash tested and secure

Our airbag system deploys and inflates before impact, creating a protective barrier that cushions the rider, demonstrated in real-life scenarios and controlled crash tests at speeds up to 80 km/h.

Our airbag products are meeting the EU certification standards meeting the stringent EN 17092 standards for motorcycle garments.


The benefit of wearing the Mo’cycle Airbag Jeans; you’re shielding your thighs, hips and upper buttocks like no motorcycle armor would be capable of doing!

Motorcycle gear hub



The coverage of the hips, knees and tailbone areas is excellent. (…) I was pleasantly surprised at just how comfortable they felt, the fabric and the fit.

web bike world



Mo’cycle jeans are more comfortable, and far more protective
“The safest pants ever made” – Ryan, Fortnine



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