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MC GEAR HUB - Enter The Mo’Cycle Airbag Jeans


‘A Worthwhile Investment’ - WebBikeWorld on Mo’Cycle Jeans

WebBikeWorld (wBW) is an authentic motorcycle product review website founded in 2000. They are a team of motorcycle enthusiasts and passionate individuals who share reviews based on their real-world experiences and how different motorcycle products enhance (or detract) their riding experience.


Mark Kitaoka, one of the members of wBW, posted his honest review of the Mo’Cycle Airbag Pants last April 2, 2023. Mo’Cycle (MC), through its partnership with Helite, is the first company to develop airbag pants for motorcycle riders. In Kitaoka’s review summary, he scored the pants a whopping 4.9 stars out of five and highlighted different pros of the protective gear.


Mo’cycle airbag jeans are not just made with regular fabric. It is clothing made of Armalith which is a fabric ultra resistant to abrasion, tearing, cutting and UV rays. Kitaoka said that despite the denim feeling thin and comfortable, “as comfortable as my Levi 501s”, its protective factor is not compromised.


Aside from the fabric, MC’s airbag mechanism is “very even and as instantaneous as any of the Helite airbags I (Kitaoka) have tested.” Moreover, its protection of the limbs are great because “the coverage of the hips, knees, and tailbone areas is excellent.” 



Style is something that is not forgotten in MC jeans. Kitaoka was pleasantly surprised because the fabric and the fit of the jeans were comfortable. The jeans were also made with high quality stitching with some of Kitaoka’s friends saying “They’ve done a good job here Mark. If you compare the stitching and finishing to Levis they are comparable and in some ways better.”


The airbag mechanisms like the triggering cylinder or CO2 cartridge were things that went by unnoticed. “The only indication that I’m wearing something other than my normal jeans is the knee armor pads. Since they hang a bit low when in stride they swing a bit in the relaxed-fit legs. Not troublesome, just noticeable,” Kitaoka said.



As with any product, Mo’cycle airbag pants still have areas to improve on. Kitaoka stated that improving the measuring method and sizing of the pants as well as improving reinstallation of the triggering cylinder into the jeans are some of the ways to make the jeans better.


However, he still concluded that “I feel that MC jeans are a worthwhile investment for how and where I ride. Any safety device that reduces my chances of hospitalization is a device I’m happy to wear, PROVIDED that it does not involve many inconvenient hoops to jump through or ridiculous add-ons. The MC jeans seem to do neither of those things.

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