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FORTNINE - Safest pants ever made (video review)

FORTNINE - It’s in the bag - or is it? Or maybe it’s in the pants. And that’s the point really. The motorcycle airbag
has been around for a few years now, but these new discrete airbags make safety more practical and less dorky.


There are different ways to review a product, written or recorded. Reading about a product is different from actually seeing it work. In this article, we will summarize the video product review of FortNine and how they explained and demonstrated the functionality of the Mo’cycle jeans


According to FortNine, airbags are “the single safest advancement since the helmet was invented” with airbags being able to absorb the impact of a crash down to just 0.36 kN. Compared to the traditional back pads for motorcycles which can only disperse a crash into 18 kN. This means that the use of airbags is 5,000% safer.


“The bagginess of the pants is for function and not fashion” since the pants are cut with excess room for the airbags to inflate. FortNine highlighted the instant inflation of the Mo’cycle jeans where it fully inflates in just 125 milliseconds or about the same time that an average person can say two syllables. The pants are also made of AAA abrasion denim that can slide in 4 seconds at 120 km/h.


Although there were speculations that the pants would inflate on their own with just a small bump, FortNine explained that this was not the case. The pants are connected to the motorcycle through a tether and will only inflate if the motorcyclist wearing the pants is separated from the bike with greater than 88 pounds of force.


According to FortNine, this tether mechanism is more for everyday use compared to airbags using an accelerometer or electronic airbags. Electronic airbags are often used on the race track because they deploy based on one’s speed and orientation and may not deploy if the speed is less than 15 km/h or if the electronics malfunction or have a dead battery. A tethered mechanism fires 100% of the time you separate from the bike and can deploy without a battery.


Although they mentioned hesitation about using the Mo’cycle jeans, they reaffirmed that these jeans are far more comfortable and protective, especially for those who want to have protection on the tailbone and hips. 


FortNine is a YouTube channel that creates motorcycle content with a rare twist.

Watch the video review here.

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