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Airbag Outfit (save $412)

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The Airbag Outfit represent the pinnacle of personal protection, combining cutting-edge technology, comprehensive airbag coverage, adaptability, and user-friendly design. With their ability to rapidly inflate and shield the wearer from potential harm, these garments offer an unmatched level of safety in various situations. Airbag clothes provide peace of mind, allowing individuals to pursue their activities confidently and with reduced risk of injury.

One of the key advantages of airbag clothes is their ability to provide comprehensive coverage. Traditional protective equipment, such as helmets or padding, may only shield specific areas, leaving vulnerable parts exposed. In contrast, airbag clothes envelop the upper body, including the neck, spinal column, and torso, ensuring a high level of protection against potential fatal injuries. The lower body is covered with an airbag all around the thighs, including the bum and the tailbone, dramatically reducing the risk for injuries. 

Moreover, airbag clothes excel in terms of convenience and user-friendliness. Unlike bulky and restrictive traditional safety gear, airbag clothes are lightweight, comfortable, and easy to wear. They can be seamlessly integrated into everyday clothing, allowing individuals to move freely without compromising their safety.

Furthermore, the effectiveness of airbag clothes is enhanced by their ability to absorb and distribute impact forces. By absorbing the energy generated during an accident, these garments significantly reduce the severity of injuries. This innovative technology is particularly beneficial for vulnerable road users, such as motorcyclists, who are at a higher risk of accidents involving impacts with vehicles or hard surfaces.

This package includes both the Airbag Jeans (Melvin) and the Airbag Vest (Gerard). They can be worn just like any other regular clothes off the motorcycle and before riding just connect the jeans and vest to the motorcycle and you are ready to ride.

Before riding, you attach a tether from the Jeans and the Vest to the motorcycle. In the event of you being forcibly separated from the motorcycle, the Airbag is triggered as the tethers are pulled, acting like a 'dead-man's switch'. The Airbags are fully inflated in less than 150 milliseconds!
Rest assured, if you accidentally leave the tether connected while dismounting the bike, the Airbag will not deploy (it requires approximately 40 kg / 88 lbs of force to activate).
The Airbag system is mechanical and does now require any batteries or electronics.

All you need is included in the package. The Airbag jeans comes in two parts: an airbag module and the jeans themselves. The airbag module is zipped into the jeans and can be separated while washing or when you arrive at your destination, you can easily zip out the airbag and walk around only in the jeans. 
The Airbag vest comes as one part with the Airbag and back protector integrated.

- Airbag jeans (incl. Jeans + Airbag module + Knee protectors)
- Airbag vest (incl. back protector)
- 4 pcs CO2 cartridges
- Allen tool to reload CO2 cartridges

- Denim for jeans and vest (CE level AA denim, EN 17092-3:2020)
- Knee protectors (CE level A, EN 1621-2:2012)
- Back protector for vest (CE level AA, 1621-2:2014)

Place a pair of jeans that fits you well on a table and measure the waist of the jeans from left to right (not around your body), then measure the inside leg of the jeans, measure like the Gif below.

Once you have the measurements, compare it to the size chart below and find the size that represents your measurements.

PS. Don't worry if you get the sizing wrong the first time, you can always exchange size if the product does not fit you.



How it works

This video explains why we created our airbag products, how they protect you as well as how they work!

How the airbag works

Watch a tutorial on how to connect your jeans and your vest to the bike.


We have collaborated with Helite, the leader in motorcycle airbag technology, to manufacture our airbags. Additionally, we have also partnered with Armalith, who produces high-quality, CE-certified durable denim that is stronger and lighter than Kevlar and steel, while still feeling and looking like regular jeans.

Impact protection

Research from Stanford University reveals that airbags are more than 6 times more effective at absorbing impact hits than normal foam protection. The Airbag Jeans are designed to cover the hip, tailbone and upper leg in an accident.

How to reload the airbag

In this video we will show you how to reload your clothes so that you can reuse them.