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Z - 60CC - CO2 Cartridge

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Purchase additional CO2 cartridges. The magic of the Airbag products lie in our CO2 cartridges. You attach the cartridge to your jeans and vest, and when you fall off the bike, a puncture is made at the top, allowing compressed air to rapidly inflate your garment within milliseconds. You can use the jeans and vest multiple times, but remember to replace the cartridge after each airbag deployment.

How it works

This video explains why we created our airbag products, how they protect you as well as how they work!

How the airbag works

Watch a tutorial on how to connect your jeans and your vest to the bike.


We have collaborated with Helite, the leader in motorcycle airbag technology, to manufacture our airbags. Additionally, we have also partnered with Armalith, who produces high-quality, CE-certified durable denim that is stronger and lighter than Kevlar and steel, while still feeling and looking like regular jeans.

Impact protection

Research from Stanford University reveals that airbags are more than 6 times more effective at absorbing impact hits than normal foam protection. The Airbag Jeans are designed to cover the hip, tailbone and upper leg in an accident.

How to reload the airbag

In this video we will show you how to reload your clothes so that you can reuse them.