Legal notice

Motorcycle riding is a dangerous activity and could lead to bad injuries & death. Any motorcyclist should know this practice very well, know how to estimate the risks, understand how to use protective gear, assume responsibility for themself and accept any injuries including death due to this dangerous and free willing practice. Each motorcyclist should use suitable protective gear, in an correct manner, under normal use, and exercise absolut care for their safety. They should be aware that no product, airbag, protective pad, foam insert, certification or clothing would offer full protection against injuries in the event of an accident or collision. Protective gear can reduce the risk of injury but does not eliminate the risk of injury and does not guarantee to protect the motorcyclist from any harm in an accident situation. Motorcyclists ride on their own responsibility. 

The collection is currently undergoing testing as part of an application for EU type examination certification and cannot be shipped to EU citizens before it has passed. The collection will need to pass one last test, and until it has done so it may not conform to the Personal Protective Equipment Regulation (EU) 2016/425 and if needed, changes may occur on the collection during this process to fulfil any CE requirements. There is a prohibition on delivery of the products to EU citizens, because of the European regulations, until the process has been completed and it has been brought into conformity with the legislation. We are currently working on completing the steps as soon as possible.

The airbag outfit is made with CE approved fabrics, CE approved knee, elbow, shoulder and back pads, in addition to the airbags on the lower and upper body. The airbag outfit, as it looks as of today, has already saved one motorcyclist in a real-life accident and multiple crash tests have been made by motorcycle stuntmen, the collection has passed all the activation and crash tests without problem. 

Re-use Disclaimer

We cannot guarantee the functionality of an airbag that has been in an accident. Therefore we recommend that you only use the airbag once and then buy a new one. If you decide to use the same airbag again, after a crash, it is at your own risk, we do not take any product responsibility for used airbags.

The airbags can be activated and then re-used by reloading the CO2 cartridge with a new one. The airbag can be triggered multiple times without showing any signs of defects, but for each time the airbag is activated, wear & tear affects the trigger house which makes it easier and easier to activate the airbag with less force.

The most common mistakes made when re-using the airbag clothes are the handling of the CO2 canisters.

  1. Make sure that the CO2 canister is screwed all the way into the trigger house. 

  1. Make sure that the CO2 canister has not been used! Used canisters have a hole in them. Both these mistakes are human error mistakes and make sure to avoid these easy mistakes, your life can depend on it. 

Re-use test

We recommend that you activate the airbag clothes once every year, preferably before the motorcycle season begins, this way you can feel safe that everything works accordingly without a third-party telling you so. The best part is that you can do this test yourself at home, without sending the airbag clothes to us, saving time and money. We highly recommend activating the airbag clothes at least once so you will have a better understanding of the concept before using them.

You can test and control the CO2 canisters by weight. The weight is written on each canister and if you weigh it on a scale it should correlate with the information on the canister.

  1. Weigh the CO2 canister on a scale, it should correlate with the text on the canister. 

  1. Make sure that the canister is screwed all the way into the trigger house.

  1. Make sure that the canister has not been used! Used canisters have a hole in them.

  1. Put on your airbag clothes and activate the airbag by pulling the trigger belt, ask a friend to help you!

  1. Check with your hands that the airbag becomes really hard when inflated, the airbag should have enough pressure to stop a hard punch without a problem. The airbag should stay hard a couple of seconds before the pressure lowers. 

  1. Make a visual check for any damages, all seams should be intact and no holes in the fabric.

  1. Listen to the air flow, the air should puff out from the trigger house and not from any other place of the airbag. If you hear air puffing from any other place of the garment then the airbag is damaged.

  1. Wait for the airbag to deflate, it should take a couple of minutes. 

  1. Just reload the airbag with a new CO2 canister and you are ready to ride!

It is your responsibility to make sure that the airbag clothing you wear functions accordingly once you receive them, for now and the future to come. Hidden defects can occur on the airbag, even if you test the airbag by activating it at home.