In this crash test video, you'll witness firsthand how our innovative jeans cushion impacts and prevent life-altering injuries. Designed for maximum protection and comfort, our Airbag Jeans integrate cutting-edge airbag technology and the worlds strongest denim using UHMWPE technology.



The airbag jeans were involved in a real accident and successfully protected the rider. The rider was traveling at a high
speed, around 120 km/h when a curve suddenly appeared. Due to the extreme speed, he went Off the road and ended up in
a ditch. Just before the accident, he managed to reduce his speed to about 40—50 km/h and narrowly passed a lamppost
With only a few centimeters to spare. There were two strong impacts, one against the side Of his back and one against the
side Of his thighs/knees, Afterward, he rolled on the ground until his body finally came to a stop.

Despite the accident, he was able to stand up without any injuries. He felt the force of the accident, but it did not hurt, and
it did not result in any injuries. The clothing automatically vented after the accident, and he was able to go home unharmed.

The jeans, airbag module, and airbag vest remained undamaged after the accident, and they were recharged with new C02
cartridges and are still in use. Without the airbag clothing, this accident would have led to injuries to the back and knees. In
the worst-case scenario, the injuries could have resulted in paralysis and the loss of the ability to use one knee. Thanks to
the airbag clothing, these injuries were avoided.

In real accidents and tests, no one felt pain due to the airbag's impact absorption, even at speeds up to 80 km/h on asphalt. The airbag clothing effectively cushions and minimizes impact energy, preventing pain despite the forces involved.

Proven Performance Metrics

Resistance comparison according to standard CE-13595-2. (28km/h, 17mph)

Revolutionary Material Composition

Armalith combines high-performance fibers with traditional denim to create a fabric that offers superior abrasion resistance and tensile strength.

57% cotton – 10% Lycra® – 33% UHMWPE.

Warp Yarn

Warp Yarn

Weft Yarn

The weft yarn is visible inside the monolayer fabric, and is composed of cotton for its ability to absorb water and its authentic denim look, and Lycra® for its exceptional comfort.

The high performance reinforcing fibre is UHMWPE, a product of aerospace research.
Compared to Kevlar®, Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene is 5 times more resistant to abrasion, 40% lighter, has 2.5 times greater tensile strength, and retains its properties 10 times longer when exposed to UV light.

Outperforming the Competition



Abrasion resistance is a complex phenomenon to analyze. In general, materials with a high level of compression resistance are more efficient. In the world of protective gloves, standards have been created to compare materials (see bar chart). UHMWPE is by far the best material compared to other fibres and even to leather.



UWMWPE is the lightest of the reinforcing fibres. Its density (0.95 Kg/L) allows it to float while other fibres exceed 1.6 Kg/L.



UHMWPE has features that are unique in the world. It is so tough that it has enabled improvements in the manufacture of bullet-proof vests (formerly made of Kevlar®), offshore platform mooring cables (formerly made of steel), military armor, re-entry cables for space modules…



UV resistance is the weak point of many high-performance fibers such as Kevlar® or PBO. This phenomenon is accentuated by the rate of moisture absorbency (or hydrophilic). Can you trust a fibre to protect you, if it loses its properties when exposed to the sun or in the washing machine? UHMWPE has a moisture absorbency rate of 0%. As a result, the fibre maintains its performance even when exposed to UV rays and household washing cycles.


Certified for Your Safety


The company’s products are currently undergoing EU certification for motorcycle clothing. The company’s own tests demonstrate a safe product with effective protection in accident situations, and it is now being tested by independent testing institutes.

The company is undergoing the CE certification process in collaboration with hired CE experts and our airbag factory, which has extensive experience in creating CE certified airbag garments. The CE process for the airbag jeans has begun, and the CE standard the product is being tested against is EN 17092, which is mandatory for motorcycle garments.

The certification process is a part of the company’s operations, and future collections will also undergo this process, with the necessary measures taken to certify the garments.

It should be noted, however, that CE certification is only mandatory for sales within the EU.


The company’s airbag clothing utilizes CE-certified motorcycle denim, which comes in three safety classes: A, AA, and AAA, where A is the lowest and approved for motorcycle riding, and AAA is the highest.

In addition to the airbags, CE-approved knee and back protectors are also included in the products as an additional layer of protection. This combination of CE-certified denim and protective inserts enhances the safety features of the clothing for motorcycle riders.

What the Experts say